Fate Of The World

The world is filled with many rulers, could be either good or bad. It all depends on every single move or action that they make. So choose wisely on every decision

In this quiz, you will be tested on how the wirld may become when the fate of the world is in your hands! You rule them all! Try to choose wisely! Good luck

Created by: Jleawesome
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  1. Welcome to your own international government where you rule the world! Firstly, what kind of person do you think you will be?
  2. Your assistant has just came back from Japan's anime conventions and has gotten a fever. What do you do?
  3. You walked out to the window to get some fresh air and noticed many men wearing a black robe holding knives walking in circles. What do you do?
  4. You see some homeless people on the streets trying to get donations. When you approached them, they screamed at you and shouted "The World Is Ending, U gon die" and holding a book that was wierd looking.
  5. You decided to do something good for the day before you end it off :)
  6. The bioengineering company has released one of its newest products, the Z-Shake juice that believe can help to increase one's IQ level and health. This product has also been approved by the "TechNMe" company which is the official company for checking products and has been consantly being funded by you for better technology.
  7. Many people who haven taken Z-Shake are now feeling very energised and hyper but seem to be less brain-active. You wanted to go visit the bioengineering comapany but remembered that you wanted to check out the latest gadget made by the "TechNMe"
  8. *Only for if you went to the bioengineering company* You reached the company and decided to sneak upon some of the ingredients that were used to create G-Shake. There was this wierd ingredient called "Htaed" and was only obtainable from a secret annonymous organisation with a deserted adress location. When you reached the place, you were coldly greeted by two wierd looking man with black robe at the entrance. You demanded to buy some "Htaed" but they objected you and raised a katana infront of you
  9. *Only for if you went to "TechNMe" company* When you reached the company, you were greeted by a cute little robot standing at the doorway :3 U continued walking around the company but was told to leave as soon as possible. You saw a small little gap in between two doors that led to a "Super confidential" room. You saw gigantic robots that were placed inside the room.
  10. You decided to do something good for the day again
  11. What do you think your results are?

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