How much do you know about Crowded House?

There are lots of people in the world (I guess that's a good thing) but only a few can master the crucial subject of Crowded House. Good luck in the world if you are, i doubt you can get a job knowing things about a band, but good luck with that.....

This quiz will be about to Determine your fait. Will you fall like a sausage off a Crappy Japanese Barbie, or rise like the dust on the top of a vending machine in some work building. Take this test to find out your fate. Doom or Glory??

Created by: Jasper

  1. Who is the Bass Player for Crowded House?
  2. Who did Crowded House defeat to claim the award for Best International Act at the 1994 Brit awards?
  3. Which of the following songs did Paul Hester NOT write or Co-write
  4. According to their 1993 hit "Nails in My Feet", Entering the place of endless persuasion is like.....
  5. Which Crowded House song is about Neil Finn's relationship with his son, Liam
  6. True or False, Neil Finn and Mark Hart were friends from primary school
  7. Why did Paul Hester leave the band in 1993?
  8. Which band member wanted to be in the biggest band in the world?
  9. Which band member once said when Crowded House were compared with the Beatles "It's Pretty stupid comparing us with the Beatles, there were 4 of them and there is only 3 of us"
  10. On which TV show did Paul Hester make his last TV appearance
  11. Which band member often lifted their shirt up in front of camera?
  12. Which New Zealand city is namechecked in a Crowded House song?
  13. In which song is this?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Crowded House?