Are you as paranoid as I am?

Do you quiver at th thought of death? Do you avoid knives at all costs? Do you jump and scream, "EVACUATE!!! THERE'S CO IN THE HOUSE!!" When your fire alarm dies and beeps intermittently?

Are you paranoid like me? Do you quiver and shake or ignore it when in the presence of knives? Remember, this is NOT a diagnosis. But if you get a high score, I reccomend seeing a psychologist. (Take your score and subtract three. There is a "Fate" here!! 100% means GO SEE A PSYCHOLOGIST)

Created by: Swordfoot

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. House fire!!!!! What do you do?!?!
  2. Something is beeping intermittently. Unkown source. Reaction?
  3. SPOON!!!!
  4. Your friend cusses.
  5. I ask you to jump off a cliff into the water.
  6. Fate!
  7. Is this quiz scary?
  8. How paranoid do you think I am?
  9. Derp?
  10. Final Question-What does CO mean?

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Quiz topic: Am I as paranoid as I am?