How Paranoid Are You?

How paranoid are you? Are you a crazy person who jumps at every sound, or are you a tough person who can handle anything? Are you tough or soft???????

Are YOU paranoid? Do you have what it takes to be strong, or soft? Until now, you could only wonder. TAKE MEH QUIZ AND YOU"LL FIND OUT IN JUST A FEW MOMENTS!

Created by: rainy_moon

  1. You wake up in the middle of the night, and you see a shadow. You:
  2. you watched this TV program about what happened if Earth went through a black hole. You:
  3. You see your life flash before your eyes, but you don't die. YOU:
  4. You get all sick and have to stay in the Hospital for a week. The doctor says your gonna live, and you'll be back to school in NO TIME You:
  5. Your friend said that she saw some kind of ghost on her windowsill. you:
  6. You find a mysterious, bloodstained note from the 1800's. You can't read it because it is very sloppy, but you can read the word BLOOD AND STABBED. You:
  7. It's a full moon, and you hear a loud, sad, long, mournful howl of a wolf. You get out of bed, and see what it was. You see a shadow slip into the bushes. You:
  8. You are watching TV when the Tornado Warning goes off. You are home alone. You:
  9. You think you tripped over a black cat while walking under a ladder in your dream while falling. You:
  10. last question... (does not effect answer) BURGERS

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Quiz topic: How Paranoid am I?