How well do you know Falling In Reverse?

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People say they love Falling in Reverse and know everything about them. But do they really? This quiz'll tell you do you know everything about them, or have you got some work to do?

DO YOU KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT FALLING IN REVERSE!? These series of questions will answer that question once and for all! Have fun taking this quiz and I hope you get high scores :)

Created by: Alana

  1. Who are the members of Falling In Reverse? (2012)
  2. When was Ronnie Radke Born?
  3. In which song did Jacky Vincent not play a guitar solo?
  4. What band was Ryan Seaman previously in?
  5. What song has these lyrics: "The music died the day I walked away"
  6. What song has these lyrics: "Your grandfather would probably roll in his grave, if he knew of that person that you had became!"
  7. What role does Derek Jones play in Falling In Reverse
  8. How many tentacles does Ronnie Radke's octopus tattoo have?
  9. Where was "I'm Not A Vampire" music clip filmed?
  10. What band was Ronnie Radke previously in?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Falling In Reverse?