Julie's Rock Hard Sink or Swim Quiz!

Julie's Rock Hard Sink or Swim Quiz is dedicated to the Rocker in you! If you think you know your Rock facts this is the one for you.. Think you can hang with the big names, there's a few here from the grave!

You can either sink? No guitar straps included. Or Swim with the Rock Hero's of all time.. It's entirely up to you. It takes dedication to be a real Rocker, let see if you have what it takes..

Created by: Julie
  1. What year did Kirk Hammett join Metallica?
  2. What was Metallica's first album release?
  3. What well-known songs does Metallica and Megadeth have in common?
  4. What English Rock band formed in 1968 and released one of the best selling albums in history?
  5. What does John, Paul, George and Ringo have in common?
  6. What rock band reunited after years of turmoil and released an album recently?
  7. Kurt Cobain, missed and admired, short career ended after being found deceased from an apparent suicide in what year?
  8. What does Jimi Hendrix, Johnathan Melvoin, Bret Mydland, and Hillel Slovak have in common?
  9. What guitarist was named #1 of the "100 greatest guitarist of all time"?
  10. What is Rick Allen famed for even though he rocked the drums for Def Leppard?
  11. 1987 Oprah show featuring KISS, Oprah asked Gene Simmons, "Do you know how long your tongue is, I hear its longer then most?" What was his reply?
  12. September 1967, The Doors performed Light my Fire on The Ed Sullivan Show. What word did network executives request be used to replace "Higher"? And did Morrison comply?
  13. How many of Lynyrd Skynyrd former band members are deceased?
  14. Samples of "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd and "Werewolves of London" by Warren Zenon, were included in what song by Kid Rock?
  15. Five years after Randy Rhoads death, Ozzy Osbourne released the only official album featuring Osbourne and Rhoads playing together in concert. What was the albums name?
  16. What rock legends still hold the largest record sales in history?
  17. Guns 'N Roses Slash was ranked 6th in a Guitar World reader's poll for the "100 greatest guitar solos". What was the song?
  18. Is there an Ordinance once called the "Ozzy Osbourne Ordinance" in which prohibits killing animals during theatrical performances?

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