The Great Rock Quiz

i really really bet no one can make a 100 on this quiz becuase its pretty dang hard (sort of) but if you do it congratz because this some hard stuff to know

my rock and roll has a first name its rock its quiz so if you think you can do this quiz and pass you are awesome and stuff so try it and if you dont things will happen

Created by: joseph trinkle
  1. Where was the band Nirvana started at?
  2. Who is the Vocals for the band Muse?
  3. Marilyn Mansons name is Brian Weibi?
  4. All the Bee-gees were brothers
  5. What genre is Flyleaf?
  6. Mama Cass died choking on a sandwich?
  7. Led Zepplins guitarist is?
  8. Singer of the Culture Club Boy George once came on stage With coke all over his face?
  9. Cher's name is?
  10. Slash once stole _ and took it on a drunken rampage?

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