How Good Of a Swimmer Are You?

Most people in the world can swim, but can you swim competitively, as in on a swim team? Certain aspects of competitive swimming aren't know to the majority of recreational swimmers.

Are YOU a competitive swimmer? Do you know how many yards one lap equals and how to swim all of the strokes perfectly? Take a few minutes to see how good of a competitive swimmer you are!

Created by: Stephanie
  1. If you are swimming a 500 yard freestyle, how many lengths is that?
  2. How long can you hold your breath?
  3. How many competitive strokes are there?
  4. How long have you been on a swim team?
  5. Are you a lifeguard?
  6. Do you teach swimming lessons?
  7. Can you swim a mile without stopping?
  8. What are the things you dive off of called?
  9. What is an essential part of swimming?
  10. How do you turn around after swimming one lap?
  11. How fast can you swim a 50 yard free?

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Quiz topic: How Good Of a Swimmer am I?