How much do you know about The Whitest Kids U'Know?

There a lot of Whitest Kids U'Know fans out there. The Whitest Kids grab attention about certain views through their sketch comedy. On stage and on television the WKUK vault over the hurdle of classic sketch comedy to create something of their own.

How well do you know the WKUK? Do you have what it takes to be a WKUK genius? Are a you a Whitest Kid or a Dumbest Kid? Will you sink or swim? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Caitlin

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  1. How many members are there in The Whitest Kids U'Know?
  2. Where do The Whitest Kids U'Know perform?
  3. What are The Whitest Kids first names?
  4. What sketch was featured as the first sketch of the first episode?
  5. Who sings all of The Whitest Kids' songs?
  6. In the first season The Whitest Kids do two sketchs about only one president. Which one?
  7. Are there any girls in The Whitest Kids U'Know?
  8. Since there are no girls in the WKUK which member frequently plays a girl?
  9. What network was the first season of the WKUK on?
  10. The WKUK is similar to what other sketch comedy show?
  11. In what sketch does Trevor not speak a word?
  12. What WKUK sketch is the longest out of both seasons(1+2)?
  13. What's the longest sketch about?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about The Whitest Kids U'Know?