Which member of the Whitest Kids U'Know are you?

Ever seen the sketch comedy show The Whitest Kids U'Know, by the comedy troupe of the same name? Curious which member of the troupe you're the most like? Take this and find out.

You're either Trevor, Zach, Timmy, Sam, or Darren. And watch the upcoming second season of WKUK on the Independent Film Channel (IFC) this year. Good luck.

Created by: Shaun Thurston
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Out of these, pick your favorite food.
  2. Pick your favorite quote out of these :
  3. What kind of hairstyle do you prefer?
  4. You wouldn't trust your boyfriend or girlfriend with...
  5. Out of these, which musical instrument would you prefer?
  6. If you were really bored, which one of these would you want to do most?
  7. Do you cuss a lot?
  8. Are you a practical joker?
  9. Out of these choices of clothing, which would you wear?
  10. I like being...

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Quiz topic: Which member of the Whitest Kids U'Know am I?