wich member of the flock are you?

who is the flock? the flock is a group of kids, they were made by evil scientists, they all have wings. max(14) fang(14) iggy(14) nudge(11) gasman(8) angel(6) help them by going to maximumride.com

many people think they can save the world....can they? can you? take this quiz to find out wich member of the flock you are, and if you can save the world!

Created by: barney

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you strong?
  2. are you a leader?
  3. are you silent?
  4. are you ready to fight?
  5. are you fast?
  6. how would you describe yourself?
  7. do you think you can save the world?
  8. what super power do you want the most?
  9. would you die for the ones close to your heart?
  10. do you like hot or colod weather?

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Quiz topic: Wich member of the flock am I?