what kind of parent are you?

we know you love your kids but are you the parent you think you are or are you just faking it until the kids are self sufficent? find out if you should of had kids to begin with or if you should of kept it in your pants.just remember noone is perfect and our kids will hate us at some point or another.

will your children hate you in the coming years? theres only one way to find out take the quiz and see just what kind of parent you are! find out if you let mom and dad step in too much or if you have kids that make the rest of us green with envy. whether you always have the latest parenting magizine or do what you know works best find out where you fall on the parenting scale.

Created by: amber

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  1. its your first night out with out baby ,the only thing on your mind is...
  2. the baby is crying what do you do?
  3. junior has a diaper rash.. what do you do?
  4. little susie fell down and busted her lip how do you react?
  5. when the ept test showed two lines what were your thoughts..
  6. by age five your child knows the following..
  7. at age four your child tells you what he/she wants to be when they grow up it is...
  8. your child is arrested at age 14 you..
  9. little susie comes home prego at 12 you...
  10. what will be your childs most constant memory of you

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Quiz topic: What kind of parent am I?