How much do you want Jo and Laurie together?

Since "Little Women", by Louisa May Alcott, was published readers have been falling in love with characters Jo March and Theodore (Laurie) Laurence. When "Good Wives" was published readers had a dissapointment - the beloved couple did not marry! And yet today, both books are still widely read. And readers still love this couple. The hold an immortal attraction to many of us.

Do they to you? Or are you one of those who (perhaps deceiving themselves into it) believe that LMA's choice of partners for them was correct? Or do you wish to undo a mistake made by a truly lovable literary heroine?

Created by: Sarah
  1. While reading "Little Women", you were just waiting:
  2. Reading the irst chapters of good wives you thrilled to:
  3. In "Good Wives" you most loved:
  4. When you came to the chapter where Laurie proposes, you:
  5. Did you finish "Good Wives"?
  6. Jo/Laurie fanfiction:
  7. Do you think they'd be the perfect couple?
  8. Your over all opinion?
  9. Have you ever imagined them married?
  10. Without taking this quiz, would you have described yourself as a true fan.
  11. Without taking this quiz, would you have described yourself as a true fan.

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Quiz topic: How much do I want Jo and Laurie together?