Which Halloween Girl Are You?

Which Halloween Girl Are You?...You can be Laurie Strode, the quiet one, You can be Annie Brackett who's the sheriff daughter or Lynda Von Der Klock who is the fun and outgoing blonde.

Which Halloween Girls is most like you?...Is It Laurie, or is it Annie, maybe it's Lynda. Take this test and find out in a matter of minutes like which of those three girls are you most likely to be.

Created by: Kristina Klebe Fan Page

  1. It's a friday night, what you rather do?
  2. After School, What Would You Rather Do?
  3. You See a Car Going at 35mph in a 20mph zone, what do you do?
  4. If You Were Babysitting what would you do?
  5. You See a Man On your Backyard What you do or say?
  6. What kind of guy would you most likely date?
  7. What Describes you best?
  8. You Suspect Something Happen To Your Friend What Would you Do?
  9. Something Might Be Really Wrong, Your Friends are Missing and The House is Empty...You?
  10. Your Boyfriend Takes A Long Time To Comeback, What are you most likely to do?
  11. You Find Your Friends...All of them Have been Killed, What Do you Do?
  12. In a Horror Movie, You Would...

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Quiz topic: Which Halloween Girl am I?