Which 'Little Women' Character are you?

I'm sure most of you girls out there have read the book 'Little Women'. Well this is a quiz that let's you know which sister (or close one) you are in this book.

Let's face. We were all wondering if we were more like Jo or Meg. Or maybe we are like the neighbor Laurie. Well, hopefully this quiz will clear things up for you. HAVE FUN!!

Created by: bethers
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your best friend is:
  2. People often say your most beutiful feature is:
  3. On a stormy friday you are most likely found doing:
  4. You desire most:
  5. What is or current job?
  6. Hair type?
  7. Eye color?
  8. Your talent:
  9. When it comes to volunteering you:
  10. How do you look upon romance?

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Quiz topic: Which 'Little Women' Character am I?