Do you know what women want?

Many guys would like to regard themselves as a "ladies man". But it is a hard title to truly claim. Are you the night in shining armour that every woman needs?

Do you know what women want, or are you just one of those guys that women fall for before finding the RIGHT guy. More importantly, are you brave enough to find out? Then take this test!

Created by: Lacey
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  1. If you were to give your girlfriend, or potential girlfriend, a gift, what would you think of giving her?
  2. If you were on a date and she asked you to take her home, what would your response be?
  3. After an argument, when your girlfriend says, "fine", what does she mean?
  4. When you make plans to go on a date, the girl wants you to...
  5. When a date goes well, at the end of the night you...
  6. True or False: When you are with a steady girlfriend, she doesn't mind if you check out other girls, but then say, "You are so much more beautiful than her."
  7. Your girlfriend of a year tells you she loves you, your response is...
  8. Your girlfriend and her best friend just had a big fight. She comes to you for comfort. You...
  9. Your six month anniversary with your girlfriend comes up, and you forgot. You...
  10. Your girlfriend wants you to meet her parents. You...

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Quiz topic: Do I know what women want?