How attracted to BBW "Plus Size" Women Are You?

This quiz is mainly for men or BBW lovers. There are all sizes of people on this earth. There are petite, average, tall, short, heavy, and obese individuals. Have you heard of the term "BBW"? It means Big Beautiful Women and thanks to the internet they are making a name for themselves and society is becoming more accepting. Women with curves are attracting others even when the fashion industry and media would have us believe that's not true. There is a change sweeping society that is making BBW's acceptable and in many cases--preferred. Have you thought about this change?

Are you a BBW lover? Do you find yourself attracted to larger women? Or are you not sure and undecided. Perhaps you don't have the guts to admit it and still join the ranks of the immature and find ways to mock women of size. Here is your chance to take a few minutes to take the quiz here and see what others are thinking on this topic.

Created by: Dani of Multiply
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  1. Have you ever found a BBW "Plus Size" woman attractive?
  2. When is the first time you realized you were attracted to women of size?
  3. Is there be a limit to "size" that you would be attracted to?
  4. If not attracted to BBW, why not?
  5. What traits or features attract you to a Big Beautiful Woman?
  6. If someone set you up with a Big Beautiful Woman and you didn't know it prior, and you found out, what would you do?
  7. Do you find Big Beautiful Women "Plus size" women repulsive?
  8. Your buddies want to go out to a BBW club, what do you do?
  9. Have you ever admitted to a friend that you are attracted to Plus Size Women?
  10. If a BBW "Plus Size" woman were to pass you on the street, and your friends were with you...
  11. Your friends make fun of a BBW "Plus Size" woman on T.v. or on the street...
  12. Do you believe that BBW "Plus Size" women are getting more noticed in society and people are beginning to admit they are attracted to them.

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Quiz topic: How attracted to BBW "Plus Size" Women am I?