Am I Pregnant or Not

Women all over the world wonder if there pregnant but don't know if they are or not and that's what this quiz will help with. And it was put together by a women who has had 3 kids. I hope this will help.

The quiz will ask you normal pregnancy questions that most pregnant women experience in the first trimester but remember this test could come back that you are not so please check with a doctor because this quiz might not always come back right. Are you ready to find out?

Created by: ariana
  1. Have you had nausea and vomiting?
  2. Are your breasts sore and tender?
  3. Have you missed a period?
  4. Have you had any light bleeding?
  5. Have you been feeling fatigued or tired?
  6. Have you had a backache?
  7. Are you experiencing headaches?
  8. Have you been urinating more often than usual?
  9. Do your nipples look darker than usual?
  10. Have you been having weird food cravings?
  11. Have you had a positive pregnancy test?

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