Women Of the 1800's Quiz

The Women of the 1800's played a great role in society, just look at our poster and check it out. There is alot of information that is always good to know about women.

SO did YOU study the poster, do YOU know the information, if you do im sure you will do great, if not you might want to study a little more (no worries its not really hard), test yourself and if you get between and 85% and 100% you will recieve a piece of candy!!

Created by: Brittany, Maddy and Nicole
  1. the frame or pad that was worn under a women's skirt was called what?
  2. Sewing machines made women's lives...
  3. Women always had to wear...
  4. What company did Clara Barton found?
  5. Young Girls often wore their hair...
  6. What did housewifes spend most of their time doing?
  7. What did the corset do to a women's body?
  8. Who is our "quote" made by?
  9. How many Women signed the rights and sentiments declaration?
  10. Brittany Casciano, Maddy Vars, and Nicole Mckinnons topic for this project was...

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