Are You a Feminist?

Maybe you think feminism is dead. Maybe you think it was a fad, something that was all the rage in the 60s but now women have all they need. On the other hand, maybe you think that women still have a long way to go.

Maybe you don't care, and women's rights are not important to you. This quiz will prove whether or not you care. Do you consider yourself a feminist? Do you think you know what it means to be one? Take this quiz and find out.

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What is a feminist?
Someone who hates all men.
A woman who thinks women are better than men.
A woman who wants to improve the role of women in society.
A lesbian with an attitude problem.
A girl who can't get a date.
Gender roles are...
Accurate. Women should be passive, quiet and less opinionated and men should be aggressive and the decision makers.
Something we are born with. Women are naturally passive, weaker and submissive, and men are naturally aggressive and stronger.
Completely man made. There are no such things as gender roles.
Ingrained in our brains as little kids so that they become second nature, but actually they limit and constrict women and assign them an imaginary role.
Good so that women know that men are in charge and that their role is at home and in the kitchen.
If you discover that you and your friend are both interested in the same guy and he is playing mind games with both of you...
Suddenly the guy becomes more important to you than your friendship and you would rather have her mad at you and get the guy than keeping her as a good friend.
You realize that society always has women in constant competition with one another and turns them against each other, so instead of chasing after this guy you decide your friendship is more important.
You attempt to sabotage your friend so that the guy ends up not liking her.
You don't say anything and let the guy continue his game but all the while develop a strong anger for your so called "friend."
You and your friend decide to confront this guy and tell him he either chooses one of you or gets neither because you refuse to let him tear your friendship apart.
You and a few of your pals are watching a typical movie where the guy is the superhero and the girl is desperate and needy, can't do anything for herself and has her chest plopping out of her shirt for the majority of the film, you..
Don't worry about it and enjoy watching the movie.
Feel anger inside of you that women are always depicted this way but keep quite as to not look weird in front of your friends.
Are appalled that your girlfriends can just sit there eating their popcorn without once realizing that little girls around the world are watching this, thinking that this is all a woman can and should live up to be.
Enjoy the woman's role in the movie and wish you could be playing her.
Wait till the movie is over than have a discussion with your friends over the demeaning way that media portrays women, over a cup of coffee.
Hope that she, along with the other women in the movie, somehow get killed before its over.
Your friends decide to rent a movie, kind of like the other one, except the only difference is that a woman is playing the role of the superhero. You..
Think its stupid. Women could never be superheros.
Still feel uncomfortable that the superhero has huge breasts.
Angry that this actress is only adopting a "masculine" persona instead of creating a personality showing her to be a strong female. She is only acting in a "manly" way which only stresses the roles society has created for us, instead of breaking free fro.
Excited that a woman is playing a powerful, leading role for a change.
How do you feel about abortion?
I am pro-choice. It's a woman's body and its her choice, end of story.
I am pro-life. Abortion is murder. This is called 'moral clarity'.
I think the government should decide that.
I am pro-life unless the woman was r*ped. An exception may also be made if the mother's health is threatened.
I don't have an opinion.
Women who choose abortion are just promiscuous and heartless.
How do you feel about the birth control pill?
It was a big step for the sexual freedom of women.
Men in the government approved it at that time not because they agreed with women's rights but because the population was getting out of control and this seemed like a good way to control it.
Its a way for women to sleep around and not get caught.
I don't really think anything about it. I just use it.
Your boyfriend does something that really angers you, but when you start telling him why you are upset he interrupts you and asks you if you are on the rag or something. You..
Ease up. Maybe he's right. Maybe you are just pmsing.
Can't believe that he thinks your anger isn't legitimate and he's trying to blame the fact that your a woman for as the reason for your outburst.
Would never date someone who would say something like that to you and who believes the stereotype that women are overemotional and hysterical.
Are hurt by it, but let it go. If he gets angry he might leave you and then what will you do?
You dream of being...
A hairstylist, a kindergarten teacher, a secretary...
a model, a singer, an exotic dancer...
a lawyer, a doctor, a police officer, a CEO...
a mother and a housewife
anything my husband/boyfriend wants me to be.
anything I want to be because only I decide.
A group of women are holding a march advocating more empowerment for women in Africa. You..
Join right in. It's not fair that women in underdeveloped countries do not have the education or materials to practice safe sex and control their destiny.
agree with their views but watch from a distance.
Cheer them on but duck when the news camera focuses on you.
Don't stop to find out what the fuss is about. You have better things to do.
Wish that these busybody feminists had something better to do.
Throw something at them.
A woman is running in an election. You..
Are glad that a woman is a candidate but don't think it would be so wise to vote for her.
Don't bother yourself about it. You don't vote anyway.
Are completely against it. She would be completely against fighting back against terrorists. We need someone strong in the office during these troubled times! Only a man could do the job.
Proud to see a woman running but wait and see both viewpoints before you make a decision.
Vote for her all the way. If a woman is president it would be a giant step for women everywhere.
If you had a daughter you would...
Dress her up in pink and only let her play with dolls.
Tell her she is so pretty and will one day make a good wife.
Let her wear what she wants if its reasonable and let her choose whatever toys she wants to play with.
Dress her in yellow as to minimize the amount of gendered comments she receives which can shape her self-image negatively even at a very young age.
Tell her to be quiet and reserved at all times, at to keep her opinions to herself.
If you had a son you would..
Make sure he had a toy gun to play with and try to explain to him that it can be taken as a phallic symbol.
Make sure you teach him that he is the boss and girls should listen to him.
Explain to him at a young age that women should be treated with respect.
Let him do what he wants. If he turns out to be a lady's man good for him.
You think that women...
are too petty to ever get along.
are too dumb to ever come to a logical agreement.
Are fine on their own but need a man to complete them.
Have been beaten down by society to turn against each other but need to come together despite their differences.
Have come a long way and have finally reached equality.

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