the changing roles of women

During the industrial revolution, the roles of women changed. Due to the growing cash economy, women began to work instead of staying at home to complete domestic chores.

This is a quiz about the changing roles of women during the industrial revolution. Start answering the questions to see how much you know about the topic!

Created by: amazon
  1. By the year 1910, what fraction of the workforce was women?
  2. Name jobs women performed in coal mines.
  3. What was an advantage of working in a factory?
  4. How did working long hours affect a women's health? Chose the answer that is INCORRECT.
  5. Were women paid the same amount as men?
  6. Society's demand for children resulted in..
  7. Women came to cities looking for jobs in the dress-making industry when..
  8. Which one of the following jobs was not common for women during the industrial revolution?
  9. How did women working affect life at home?
  10. If a women was lucky enough, what job might she have?

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