What Is Your Opinion Of Gender Roles?

Lots of people have strong opinions on gender roles. Then again, lots of people are pretty ambivalent to the whole thing. If you already know what you are, feel free to take this quiz for a little affirmation of that. If, on the other hand you don't really know who is telling the truth, this quiz should tell you which direction you lean.

Do you have your own well thought out ideas or do you stand on somebody else's ideas? Do you just do what you want and not really care what other people say you should be? Take this quick little quiz to find out where you stand.

Created by: ron
  1. American feminism of the 1960's was motivated by
  2. Ideally, the man in a relationship should earn
  3. A working mom...
  4. A woman earns 3 times as much money as her husband, she...
  5. The idea of a female president, queen, leader, etc... Is...
  6. Are there chauvinists in the world?
  7. You see the New York skyline, you think...
  8. Regarding the axiom "If a man is assertive and gets what he wants he is respected, but if a girl is assertive and gets what she wants she it a B**ch.":
  9. So far, the questions in this quiz are totally biased and I already hate the person that wrote it...
  10. Which is more important, taking care of your kids physical needs or taking care of your kids emotional needs?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Opinion Of Gender Roles?