Fact or Fiction

Every day we run into information of all kinds. We hear it on the radio; we see it on TV; we read it in books and newspapers. But how do we know what is true, and what just might be true or might not be? Which is fact.. and which is opinion?

Do you think you know the difference? Can you always pick which is fact and which is opinion? Is your answer to that question a fact or an opinion? Are you sure about that? This little quiz will test whether you're right.

Created by: Simon Williams
  1. Kapiti Primary School is in Paraparaumu.
  2. Kapiti Primary School is the best school on the Kapiti coast
  3. Facts are things that can be proven.
  4. McDonalds make the best burgers
  5. Some people in New Zealand play rugby
  6. Playing rugby is better for you than watching TV
  7. Travelling by train is the best way to see New Zealand
  8. Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand
  9. Auckland is a big city
  10. New York has a bigger population than Auckland.

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