There are many people who claim to know lot's about cars. Some could win an automotive version of "Jeopardy". Others have taken "The Fast and the Furious" way too seriously, and drive riced out cars with multi-colored bodykits and huge fartpipe exhausts...

Which Type are YOU???? Can you tell fact from fiction? Let's find out...don't worry, it won't hurt....much... It will be fun however!!! Are you buckled in???

Created by: Russ (PARKINGLOT) of Focus Fanatics
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  1. What is the predecessor to the Ford Focus?
  2. Which is the higher performance Focus model?
  3. Which Automaker produces an "SRT" lineup of vehicles?
  4. What car did Steve MQueen drive in the movie "Bullitt"
  5. Which Automaker currently produces the fastest road-legal car?
  6. Which Automaker owns these subsidiary companies? Saab, Holden and Opel?
  7. The Nissan Skyline GTR is a very popular vehicle due to it's good looks and stunning out-of-the-box performance. What engine does it have?
  8. Before racer Rhys Millen debuted his Pontiac Solstice drift car, what car did he pilot?
  9. Which company has held a time record with an Nissan R33 Skyline?
  10. The 426 Hemi engine was a highly sought-after motor in the 60's. However, what other hemi engine preceded it?
  11. What style of Mustang preceded the "SN95" style?
  12. In what vehicle would you find a "B18C5" engine?
  13. Almost every Automaker has an in-house tuner...but which doesn't belong?
  14. Most Automakers also have a luxury line-up as well. Which doesn't belong?
  15. Which is famous for being a gruelling, unforgiving race track?
  16. What is "lift throttle oversteer"? A condition:
  17. What type of unit produces power from a belt, put is not engine-mounted?
  18. What movie shed light on street racing before the "Fast and Furious" series?
  19. What is the higher performance Camaro model?
  20. And finally. What company sells the following vehicle's in other countries, but not to North America? A turbocharged, 4 cylinder hatchback, a diesel powered, crewcab mini-pickup, and a small "Sub-compact" hatchback?

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