Do you consider yourself a trivia buff? Are you interested in learning things you didn't know? Maybe you just plain enjoy discovering unusal facts about life on our rock?

If so, go ahead and take a shot at Scrat's first trivia qwiz. We know the questions are fairly obscure and pretty tough, but the experience can't be any worse than informative. Good luck.

Created by: I.B. Scrat
  1. If you order a restaurant entree "å la Rockefeller," you should expect it to be made with?
  2. What is a gladius?
  3. The first war declared by the United States was against?
  4. What color is the largest mammal ever to have lived?
  5. What tribe of North American indians is the United States still at-war with?
  6. What is/ was the Godolfin barb?
  7. 'Tis said "All roads lead to Rome"...but how many roads lead to Nome?
  8. Whose real name is/ was Nathan Birnbaum?
  9. If you travel due south from Detroit, the first foreign country you will enter is:
  10. What is the deadliest mountain [ deaths per attempted climb ] in the world?
  11. Regarding the famed "Inverted Jenny" postage stamp, what was the Jennny?

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