Club Penguin Trivia

There are many people who know some club penguin triva but few master's of club penguin history. Master's of club penguin trivia study for many days or they are a long time player of club penguin so they know about all the history and trivia of club penguin.

Are you a master of club penguin trivia? Do you have enough knowledge to gain that rank? You can only wonder. But thanks to this awesome quiz, in a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: amazon
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  1. When was club penguin created?
  2. How old is your penguin?
  3. When was the winter fiesta?
  4. When was lime green availble to everyone in the catalog?
  5. When was the christmas party?
  6. How many puffles do you own?
  7. When did rockhopper land in club penguin for the 2nd time?
  8. When did the igloo flooring come out?
  9. When was the ice berg glitch party?
  10. What's your rarest clothing item?

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