Club Penguin Quiz

There are A LOT of people out there who play Club Penguin. If you play Club Penguin, then take this test, test your knowledge against other Club Penguin players around the WORLD!! Take the quiz!!

So, you think you have what it takes to be a Tour Guide in Club Penguin? Well, try YOUR best, without logging onto Club Penguin, its ok if you don't do good the first time, try again!

Created by: Big Balla
  1. Club Penguin was created on what Month, Day, and Year?
  2. Club Penguin has a total of __ colors possible for your penguin. (Including Lime)
  3. There have been __ number of newspapers released in Club Penguin.
  4. During the Beta Testing party, what FREE item was given away?
  5. In the Boiler Room, the green filing cabinet holds __ amount of newspapers.
  6. In the Night Club, the dance floors has __ amount of colored squares.
  7. How many lamp posts are at the Ice Rink?
  8. In the Plaza, there are __ chairs in between the Pet Shop and the Pizza Parlor.
  9. In the Pizza Parlor, the curtain behined the counter is what color?
  10. In the Snow Forts, next to the red flag, there are __ snowballs.
  11. At the Dock, on the front of the boat there is a light, what color is it?

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