The Club Penguin Test

There are many penguins waddling since like, 2005. They know like, what Rockhopper looks like, saw Billybob, met Fever and Watex and many more! They can be smart on Club Penguin so be like that also!

Can you master Club Penguin by getting EVERY Club Penguin question in the WORLD right? If so, you must pass my quiz and millions of others. If you pass all, you can become popular.

Created by: Billybob of
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  1. How do you get the RH gift?
  2. Do they give out free leprechaun hats every march 2006-2008
  3. Was there ever a basketball hoop in Club Penguin?
  4. Was the green bunny ears 2007?
  5. Can you upgrade a room of a skateboarder?
  6. Did Tony Hawk join Club Penguin?
  7. What year was club penguin made?
  8. What flag has the most servers?
  9. How do you buy pizza?
  10. Is Billybob green?

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