Tyler Valencia Trivia

There are many that knew my son, Tyler very well. Many who wish they had. He was a pleasure to know and hopefully you were blessed enough to have known him well enough to pass this quiz. He was talented and very entertaining.

Are you a Tyler Trivia expert? Take my Tyler Trivia Challenge and find out just how well you knew our friend. He would be laughing at you and yelling at me for divulging such embarrassing secrets. Have fun and good luck!

Created by: Charlett

  1. What did Tylers mom call him when he was little?
  2. Tylers had an unfortunate accident with a can of spray paint when he was younger, what color was the paint?
  3. The day of Tylers funeral, Oct 16th was the same day many years ago that:
  4. Who did Tyler meet at the Xgames?
  5. Tyler was quite the pitcher when he played baseball. What did I call him during baseball season?
  6. What was Tylers favorite snack when he was a toddler?
  7. Tyler and his cousin Heather were very close in age, when were their birthdays?
  8. What did Tyler like to come up behind me and whisper in my ear to freak me out?
  9. Where did we celebrate Tyler and Heathers 5th birthdays?
  10. Tyler was a picky eater anyway but this product was no where in his diet?

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