Whack or Wicca? Separating Wiccan Fact from Fiction

We've all heard the myths about witches. It's not all magic and mayhem. The Wiccan community of Toronto is a close knit group of witches who aren't wielding wands or chanting: Double, double. Toil and trouble!

So YOU think you know about Wiccans? Can you separate fact from fiction? Until now, you thought Sabrina was the spokesperson for all witches didn't you? Thanks to this great quiz, you' can expand your religious knowledge!

Created by: Kathleen
  1. You have to be initiated by an existing Wiccan coven in order to attend weekly Wiccan rituals and classes in Toronto.
  2. Reincarnation is a central Wiccan belief.
  3. It is common practice for Wiccans to sacrifice birds and other small animals during rituals to honour their Gods and Goddesses.
  4. Wiccans believe that the Wiccan religion is the most correct way for people to live and worship.
  5. Wicca is an individualistic religion; it maintains that there isn't one spiritual path that works for everyone.
  6. All Wiccans are vegetarian and anti-abortion.
  7. The designation "witch" is offensive to most Wiccans.
  8. Wiccans don't cast spells.
  9. Wicca is not recognized as a religion by the government of Canada.
  10. A Wiccan priest or priestess of the third degree has the power to transform humans into other things.

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