Fact, Fiction, or Speculation: Whose Ideology Do You Most Relate

Simple detective work will soon lead you to cracking the ultimate "who did it" mystery. Unfortunately, I simply ran out of steam. Enjoy the results; I believe they're quite fair and unique. Take it again and again for different results.

Thank God it's over. This consumed more of my time than yours. I hope you clicked your way toward quiz-result heaven... Never again will I do this.

Created by: stinkinfilthy
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  1. A bicycle was stolen. You speculate as to whom the possible culprits are. You have possible suspects; however, the motive is unclear.
  2. There is strong evidence leading toward one of the few suspects... The bicycle was leaving town. Each of the suspects may lead toward the recovery...
  3. Leads have been followed. Authorities are baffled. Where to begin again?
  4. You're coming ever closer to solving the mystery. Who's responsible?
  5. Who would steal a bicycle?
  6. The bicycle is in this particular city.
  7. I've long since become bored.
  8. I'm done. Let's review the results, shall we?
  9. Sweet loving Jesus. This has become torturous.
  10. this quiz will end by the taking of my own life.

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Quiz topic: Fact, Fiction, or Speculation: Whose Ideology do I Most Relate