Types of Non-Fiction Quiz

There are many different types of non-fiction, and there is alot of stuff to learn. It will really beniifit you to learn about it. Knowing how to tell the different types of non-fiction will help you in reading all different types on non-fiction.

Do you think you know everything about non-fiction? Test to find out! You might know less than you think. This quiz can give you a benchmark of where you stand in knowledge of non-fiction. Take the quiz to find out where you stand.

Created by: Jake
  1. A story written about another persons life, is what type of nonfiction?
  2. A story that just explains information on a topic is what kind of non-fiction?
  3. A story that explains someones opinion on a topic is what kind of non-fiction?
  4. A story that someone wrote about their life is what kind of non-fiction?
  5. A story about a person named John Jackson and what his life is about would be what kind of non-fiction?
  6. What kind of non-fiction do most people read daily in the newspaper?
  7. Before you write non-fiction what do you need to do?
  8. True or false: Informaional articles contain opinion
  9. What type of non-fiction would be describing a historic event?
  10. A diary is what type of non-fiction?

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