What type of books do you enjoy reading better?

There are many readers,but few are true librarians. Librarians are afterall very interesting and knowledgeable. There are many types of readers who read different things. Some people enjoy reading science fiction and other people enjoy reading mystery fiction.

What types of books do you read? Are you so smart to be a librarian? Until now you can only wonder but thanks to thi quiz you will find out in just few minutes.

Created by: Margherita
  1. Who is your favourite author out of these options?
  2. How is the shape or form of character that you most like out of these options?
  3. If you had fashion inspiration from a character in your favourite book what would be your style?
  4. What do you usually draw?
  5. What is your favourote colour?
  6. What is your favourite hobbie except reading?
  7. If you where the director of a movie what will the movie be about?
  8. What is your dream job?
  9. You cant live without......
  10. Final question! Did you like this quiz? Dont worry this will not affect your result.

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Quiz topic: What type of books do I enjoy reading better?