Is your fictional character interesting?

There are so many movies, books and other works of fiction in this world. A huge part of fiction is the characters. But the character you created believable?

It's time to find out! Do you have what it takes to be a bestselling author/scriptwriter and create characters real enough to relate to? In a few minutes you will know...

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  1. Describe you're character in one sentence. Which of these phrases did that sentence feature?
  2. What is their motivation?
  3. What are their qualities/traits?
  4. If they are an antagonist, do you have a reason they do bad stuff?
  5. Think of the character's personality at the start, and at the end. If they die, think of them just before that.
  6. If your character develops, what is the reason for this?
  7. Does your character have a backstory?
  8. Have you thought about the story from their point of view?
  9. If a plot doesn't fit with what a character would do, how would you fix this?
  10. Are they attractive, flawless, popular, etc?
  11. Do they fall in love
  12. Do they lose anyone they love?
  13. Do you relate to the character?
  14. Are they a protagonist or an antagonist, and does their individual story have a happy ending?
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Quiz topic: Is my fictional character interesting?