How Believable is Your Character?

Do you think your character is believable? Think that other quizzes are wrong? I specifically designed this quiz to make it different from other quizzes by asking hard-to-read through questions that you can't just see how it'll affect your outcome to make the quiz more accurate. Try it today!

Want to test how believable your character is? Having taken a few myself, I've designed by own quiz to see how believable your characters are. Also, I've made sure that the questions are not super-easy to see through.

Created by: Thsotus of Thsotus Games
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  1. Does your character fit your setting? For example, if you have a computer geek, is the geek always unaffected by other people's criticism and focuses only on computers?
  2. Do you consider your character cool, unique, fun, or flashy?
  3. Does your character have similarities to you? Same eye color, same hair color, skin color, same philosophy?
  4. Does your character have a mysterious past?
  5. How did you get the idea for your character?
  6. Is your character in a relationship?
  7. Did your character ever lose his or her memory through amnesia or some other event that left him/her scarred for life or found out that he/she had a horrible life?
  8. Does your character know many people he/she is good friends with?
  9. Is your character inspired by a comic book series or a manga?
  10. Do you think that your character is believable?

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Quiz topic: How Believable is my Character?