What Death Note Character Are You Most Like?

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Death Note is well-known for being a manga (and anime, and Japanese movies, and musical, and...actually, that’s it.) with some seriously weighty questions about justice, right and wrong, and knowing (or not knowing…) when to stop.

But all of the "which character are you" quizzes for this fandom are horrible if I'm honest. The questions are too blatant--"What's your favorite food/color/sitting position?" It makes it too easy to cheat and pick who you want. I intended this quiz to be a bit more accurate and ask serious questions rather than silly ones. Take your time, and pick what YOU agree with. I hope you enjoy it!

Created by: Inktail
  1. Would you use a Death Note if you found one?
  2. What defines "justice" for you?
  3. Do you consider yourself "immoral" at all?
  4. What are/were people's first impressions of you?
  5. Do you play by the rules?
  6. If you were ever faced with the choice of the Shinigami Eyes trade, would you take it? (Half of your lifespan to see others full names and lifespans)
  7. What character do you look up to the most? (IMPORTANT NOTE: This question doesn't work the way you think it does. Just because you pick Misa does NOT mean your chances of getting Misa increase. Think carefully!)
  8. If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?
  9. How do you prefer to solve problems/make decisions?
  10. Which of these personality traits do you personally see as weak?

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Quiz topic: What Death Note Character am I Most Like?