Is Heart-Centered Marketing For You?

There are many people who are helping others either in health care professional roles or other service professions. Many of these people are in private practice and need to learn business skills and marketing to help themselves thrive doing the work they love.

Typically, people who are in service professions and roles are not comfortable promoting themselves or their work, or, they don't have the time and technical know-how to get the word out there about their work, business, or practice. Heart-Centered Marketing is a way that people of this profile can comfortably and easily learn to promote themselves and still not feel like they are being a "pushy sales person". This quiz will help you find out if Heart-Centered Marketing is for you.

Created by: Marilee Tolen RN, HN-BC of Intro to Internet Marketing
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  1. Do you have any experience in sales?
  2. Do you enjoy helping other people?
  3. Do you have a hard time promoting yourself?
  4. Are you a health care professional or are you in the healing arts?
  5. Are you shy?
  6. Do you know much about marketing?
  7. Do you need to learn more about marketing to make money at what you currently do?
  8. Do you want/need to make money in your current job or practice but feel like you can't "market" yourself or sell anything?
  9. Do you like to empower yourself and others?
  10. Are you ready to go to the next level in your life?

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