Email Marketing Test

Take our Email Marketer Challenge! Do you have the stuff be a top email marketer? Our 10-question quiz covers all the basics. It's a true test of your email marketing knowledge.

How much do you know about open rates? What about online market research? Think you know acquistion? How about design basics? Show us your stuff ...

Created by: Tami Forman of Return Path
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  1. Can you calculate open rates on text emails?
  2. As long as my email isn't bouncing I can be sure it's getting to the inbox.
  3. Subject lines that are shorter than 40 characters outperform longer ones.
  4. Sending the same email to my entire file is a smart strategy.
  5. Feedback loops are an essential tool in managing my deliverability.
  6. Sending email to addresses that are no longer valid hurts deliverability rates.
  7. Email acquistion works best when you use housefile creative.
  8. Online market research is less valid than other forms of research.
  9. Email is the best marketing tool ever.
  10. Consumers love to get email.

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