Darkfall or PvPgame Bartle Test

This is a test made based on Bartles work almost 2 decades ago. MMOs (called MUDs then) are remarkably diffrent now than they used to be. I'm trying to make a test that fits more with his idea with the games that are out now.

Specific issues are things like size, and player permanent deaths are the main ones. If you have any ideas or feedback in regards to the test please email me at warinATSYMBOLgmailDOTSYMBOLcom

Created by: Warin of Darkfall Online
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  1. Who would you rather fight?
  2. You get a new weapon, it's a bit better than your own, but not by much.. would you rather
  3. You've just killed a player, would you rather that he..
  4. You guild wants you to give up a skill that helps you chase down people that run away from you, in order to get something that helps in an upcoming siege.
  5. You just got owned by a FOTM build! A guildie tells you a well known way to deal with that build, but it requires practice.
  6. Korash just won the grand server tournament, in the last fight he beat his opponent using a formerly unknown technique he calls Torak-Step. Who wou'd you rather be?
  7. Pick one
  8. I want:
  9. I want my guild to be known as...
  10. You school a newb from a zerger guild, leaving his corpse mangled. Would you rather that he...
  11. Would you rather:
  12. There is a big battle, what are you doing?
  13. In guild chat you're the guy who
  14. Someone logs into your ventrillo..
  15. What would you rather have?
  16. You're in darkfall, what are you doing?
  17. A new area is realeased, what are you looking forward to?
  18. You just lost a huge battle, lost everything they had. What are you doing?

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