Which Guild Wars profession fits you?

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This quiz will reveal what profession fits you best in the PC game Guild Wars. All of the professions from the three different campaigns are in the quiz. Enjoy!

Are you a warrior of brute strength and cold steel? Or are you a wise and mighty elementalist who wreaks havoc upon your enemies with awesome magical powers? What profession are you really? Find out in this quiz!

Created by: Aesir
  1. What is your favorite color of these four?
  2. What is your favorite weapon type?
  3. Which one of these Guild Wars gods is your favorite?
  4. Which is your favorite continent in Guild Wars?
  5. What is your favorite element of the following?
  6. Where do you fight in battle?
  7. What is your favorite Guild Wars animal of the following?
  8. What season is your favorite one?
  9. In battle, do you follow or do you lead?
  10. If you were to be on of these boss-like foes, who would it be?
  11. Choose; brain, brawn or both?

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