Guild Wars 2: Which Race Are You?

Which of the five playable races from Guild Wars 2 are you? The beleaguered humans, the warlike Charr, the intellectual Asura, the glory-seeking Norn, or the noble Sylvari?

Answer honestly. Each question will attempt to gauge your personal values, preferences, and match you to the race which most fits who you are as a person.

Created by: Miri
  1. Which do you value most?
  2. Are you religious?
  3. What kinds of activities do you prefer?
  4. If you were to defy the norms of your people, what would you be?
  5. What separates one person from another?
  6. Are you inclined to nature, or to industry?
  7. What, out of these, would you prefer to eat?
  8. What kind of place would you like to live?
  9. Which of these would you least like to be?
  10. Which wins the day?

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Quiz topic: Guild Wars 2: Which Race am I?