what guild wars 2 race are you?

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Since the rise of the Elder dragons, 5 races have come to be Tyria's leading races. be you the mighty norn, the inquisitive asura, the ferocious charr, the curious Sylvari, or the adaptive human?

This test will look into some of your personality traits that match best with 1 of the races, some will have better weigh to other races, while others will completely push away from others

Created by: Justin Walser
  1. Someone is harassing you, what do you do?
  2. a friend of yours is in peril! what will you do?
  3. someone needs help opening a jar. what will you do to help them?
  4. what is your view on religion?
  5. what is your favorite color?
  6. you have a free weekend with your friends. what will you do?
  7. you are getting a new pet. what would it be?
  8. would you betray your friends?
  9. favorite food?
  10. are you smart?

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Quiz topic: What guild wars 2 race am I?