What character should you be in Guild Wars 2?

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Guild Wars was my mind-poison of choice for many years. I've finished all 4 games, have one of each type of character, and am a huge fan while never rising to geek levels of belt knowledge.

Guild Wars 2 will release in 2012 (or else!) and in the spirit of WAHHH waiting, I've conceived a personality test to help sort yourself into classes and races. I wanted to do both in the same survey but couldn't find a compiler that let me have so many outcomes.

Created by: runemima of Mima Within
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  1. What kind of a monster hunter are you?
  2. How do you feel about animals?
  3. What does magic mean to you?
  4. Share your experience with Guild Wars.
  5. Let's talk tactics.
  6. My personal style is very important to me.
  7. Size matters.
  8. Nature...
  9. If it came down to metal, cloth, or leather?
  10. While in combat...

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Quiz topic: What character should I be in Guild Wars 2?