How well do you know Fairy Tail?

Fairy Tail. One of the most popular anime/manga series in today's culture. Many a cosplayer draw their inspiration from this enormous franchise. From the fiery Dragon Slayer, to the perky Celestial Mage, the Fairy Tail guild is full of colorful characters that capture your hearts.

How well do you know this guild and its world? Find out with this quiz of mine. From the evilest of villains to the kindest of guild-mates, find out how much you really know about Fairy Tail. As long as you have seen the anime up to the Tartaros arc, you should be good.

Created by: Redwolfshowl
  1. Who is the original master of the Fairy Tail guild?
  2. Who is the most famous and powerful of the Takeover Siblings in Fairy Tail?
  3. Who was the first villain that Team Natsu ever fought? (And no, you can not look up the answer for any of these)
  4. Who is the master of Raven Tail, and what is his relationship with the master of Fairy Tail?
  5. What/Who is Acnologia, when it/they first appeared in the anime?
  6. Which of these characters attacked the Fairy Tail guild, and eventually joined that same guild?
  7. What is Natsu's full name?
  8. Who is Zeref?
  9. What is the meaning of Fairy Tail's name?
  10. Why did Lyon attempt to awaken Deliora during the Galuna Island arc?
  11. Which Fairy Tail arc did Mavis Vermilion first appear in?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Fairy Tail?