How well do you know Natsu of Fairy Tail?

After looking through the sites search, I found no Natsu quizzes, so I made one. Fairy Tail, a guild with extraordinary wizards, a scary red-head, an ice-cold stripper, and a fiery salamander.

Do YOU know all about Fairy Tail's Natsu? 10 questions that will make you question whether or not you know Fairy Tail as well as you think! Test your knowledge and find out if you can bear the emblem!

Created by: Liz

  1. What is Natsu's last name?
  2. When did Natsu join the guild?
  3. What is Natsu's weakness?
  4. What kind of mage is Natsu?
  5. What is Natsu's nickname?
  6. Who gave Natsu his scarf?
  7. What can Natsu do to fill his magic energy?
  8. Why does Natsu fight with Gray?
  9. How many attacks can Natsu do?
  10. How many scars does Natsu have?
  11. Happy is a(n)...

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Natsu of Fairy Tail?