What is Your Bloodborne Build

Bloodborne is a game full of difficulty much like its predecessors. No matter what build you are you will get crushed. As hard as it is, Bloodborne and all the Souls games are fun.

What build do you like? Are you the Gehrman wannabe skill arcane build? Or a Ludwig 2.0 strength arcane build. Maybe you just became the next Bloody Crow of Cainhurst mercilessly killing with your chikage. Maybe a next Eileen assasinatin blood drunk hunters with your daggers. Or maybe Egdar with your holy blade. Find out now.

Created by: Richard Jeffson
  1. What is your favorite Bloodborne weapon?
  2. Which boss was the hardest for you?
  3. What is your playstyle?
  4. One handed or two handed weapons?
  5. What is your favorite firearm?
  6. What is your favorite buff?
  7. Which is your favorite set?
  8. Which is the easiest boss?
  9. Which is your favorite area?
  10. What build do you hope to get?
  11. Did you enjoy this quiz?
  12. PvP or PvE

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Quiz topic: What is my Bloodborne Build