Funorb what steel sentinel are you?

Steel Sentinels is a Strategy game on FunOrb. It was a much-discussed topic on the FunOrb Forums before its release on 13 August 2009. It is officially a Multiplayer Real Time 2D Mech Blaster game, as stated on this page. In the game, players choose from various components to build their robot, or Sentinel. The evaluate statistics such as shielding, weight, weapon capabilities, and degrees of freedom. Then the weapons are selected based on reloading speed, range, damage, area of effect, energy usage, and additional effects. Finally, modules are selected to give their Sentinel protection & shielding, manoeuvrability, extra power, or more mysterious effects. The player may choose to head out into a multiplayer game and earn solarite, which is used to buy more complex and powerful components, or to head into campaign mode and steal technology from the enemies. Let the Solarite Wars begin!

Are you good enough to pilot any of these powerful sentinels? Lets find out when you do the quiz. Have fun and enjoy your results. Ther's only a certian classes in this quiz, sorry that i have'nt got the valhalla or the babel class in this quiz.

Created by: michael

  1. What weapon would you prefer?
  2. How big do you want you sentinel to be?
  3. What type of moving would you like?
  4. How would you like your enemies to be finished off?
  5. Which battlefield would you prefer?
  6. How much solarite cubes do you earn regulary?
  7. How many sentinels can you kill?
  8. How would you defeat the valhalla or Babel large robots?
  9. How would you capture the flag in space?
  10. What do you favour best?
  11. sorry the very last one. How fast does your sentinel go?
  12. Do you like this quiz? (No effect)

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Quiz topic: Funorb what steel sentinel am I?