How sensitive are you?

Sensitivity is both a positive and a negative quality. It can help you to empathise with others and it can cause you to handle life's difficulties poorly. It's truly an enigma.

How sensitive are you? Are you like gelatin? Or are you as hard as steel? What IS your metaphor? And are you as sensitive, or insensitive, as you think?

Created by: Sorsha
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  1. Have you ever cried while watching a movie?
  2. Do you like the emotion you get when you give a gift?
  3. Do you like the emotion you get when you recieve a present?
  4. Do you think you deal well with seperation from loved ones, through distance, death, or a break-up?
  5. Have you ever gotten attached to an inanimate object?
  6. Do you startle (frightened by sudden motions) easily?
  7. Do you anger easily?
  8. Do you consider yourself sensitive?
  9. Do you like your pet/want a pet?
  10. Do you ever have mood swings?

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Quiz topic: How sensitive am I?