What Color Is Your Inner Spirit?

Are you sensitive? Are you Bold? Are you empathetic? Do you even care? Well, take this inner self quiz to find out what inner personality resides within yourself!

Sometimes it just takes good validation to see what kind of person we are and take comfort in that. Accused of being something you are not? If you are honest, then take this quiz to prove people exactly how you are.

Created by: Cherie
  1. You are hanging out at a family reunion. You are usually found with...
  2. If you could pick your career, what would it be??
  3. What animal appeals to you the most?
  4. Your hidden fantasy/dream is...
  5. You are a knight of the round table. Which one are you?
  6. You get anything to wear that you desire, courtesy of an unknown rich person. What do you pick?
  7. Your favorite movie when you were a kid was...
  8. Okay, and of course this question... Favorite color???
  9. Favorite food?
  10. One more... How do you feel about the rich/poor situation???

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Quiz topic: What Color Is my Inner Spirit?