Who is your Tiki Spirit?

In Hawaii they are known as Ki'i's, and in Polonysia, they are regarded by their more popular name, Tikis. Tiki statues are used for many purposes both spiritual and ritualistic and are believed to have special properties or spirits.

My question is, which one most resembles your spirit? Are you calm and collected, or more of the undecisive type. Well, why don't you answer the following questions and find out! Remember, please answer truthfully to get a more reflective score.

Created by: Arxryl
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  1. You look in the mirror, and you see...
  2. You are walking out the door, and you realize you've forgotten something. you...
  3. You're in your garage. what vehicle is yours?
  4. On your way to wherever, you see a man mugging someone. What do you do?
  5. You have to do something on your way to wherever you are going. what is it?
  6. You finally reach your desination. What is it?
  7. After everything is done, what do you feel?
  8. On your way home you want to grab a snack. the snack you want to buy comes in three flavors. Sweet, sour, and spicy.which do you buy?
  9. You get home and the front door is locked. What do you do?
  10. While you are sleeping you dream of...
  11. How are you feeling right now?
  12. Final question: What do you feel about relationships?

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